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Areen Holding Group consists of several companies operate in different sectors, from industrial, health, and energy to retail and realestate sectors.

The group was found in 1999. As of date the group runs 5 factories with total area of 75,000 sqm primarily in wood and furniture industries 4 of which are in Saudi Arabia and one in egypt. The group also enjoys widely spreaded branches network all across the kingdom totalling 18 branches in addition to a representative office in UAE.

  • Total employees in the group exceeds 700 employees.

  • In line with vision 2030, the group plans to invest more in industrial, energy, and health sectors using the current solid base.

Areen Holding Group

Our Subsidiaries

Tanatel Trading Co. was founded back in 1998 to primarily promote the group furniture sector. Over the years, the company expanded its presence in in both geography & product-wise. Currently, the company runs 18 showrooms around the kingdom for owned and licenced brands (e.g. Tanatel, Space & Co, Penguen, etc). as of date, the sectors served by this company are home and office furniture, household, and accessories.

Almanar Medical Group was established in 2012 to run a group of medical centers across the kingdom. As of today, the group operated two centers and five new centers are being planned for the near future. The centers offer complete range of services and specializations. The group also serves many medical projects by offering On-site clinics to esteemed local corporates.

Flat Real Estate Company is the group arm in the real estate and hospitality sectors. The company owns wide range of land collections and runs several middle class locally branded hotels and furnished apartments.

Pioneers Investment Company represents an internally funded vehicle to own minority shares in small and start-up businesses. The company is managed by a qualified team with various backgrounds to assess and represent the company in each investment board.

Sawaed wood Industries Company consists of 5 factories occupying a total area of 75,000 sqm following the latest technologies and techniques in each respective sector. Four of the factories are located in Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh Industrial City and Malham Industrial City). While the fifth factory is based in Dumyat, Egypt. We conduct all manufacturing processes within our factories; especially the furniture industry.

With its own factory and high production capabilities, the Arabic Corner Sweets Factory was able to produce the tastiest sweets and sell them across 8 branches across Saudi Arabia and also spread through b2b and wholesale to become a reliable distributor for sweets in Saudi. 

Since 2017, NOX is specialized in creating and building unique events.  to leave a mark on the entertainment and tourism industry in Saudi Arabia. 

Areen Board

Mr. Abdulaziz Ali Aloraini

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Tameem Abdulrahman Alshebel

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jabreen Aljabreen


Mr. Yaqoob Ibrahim Aloraini

Member and Chairman of Audit Committee

ENG. Khalid Abdulrahman Aldrees


CEO Speech

In Areen Holding Group, our main focus is to support our group companies to achieve their goals while planning a better future for the group.
In line with the Kingdom vision 2030, we believe that Areen will have a role in maximizing the returns for our beloved Kingdom, either by increasing the local content or investing in startup businesses. On the other hand, our investments in medical and hospitality sectors will also help on increasing the well-being of Saudis and expatriates.
Over the past two decades, Areen has established many companies in different sectors; starting from the retail, industrial and medical-care to hospitality and real-estate development sectors. The group also worked on developing connections between the companies to ensure best integration possible among them.
On behalf of the Chairman of the Board and the respected members, I am delighted to welcome you to Areen Holding Group official website that also includes direct links to the group companies’ websites.

Mr. Tameem Abdulrahman Alshebel

Vice Chairman and CEO

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